Hale County Jury week- March 31, 2015

  Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1 B 19623-1403 State v. Christopher Gene Ford DA/ Tina Davis
2 B 19861-1501 State v. Anthony Daniel Guebara, Jr. DA/ Tina Davis
3 B 19865-1501 State v. Carmen Moreno DA/ Tina Davis
4 B 19604-1402 State v. Leonardo Rodriguez DA/ Terry McEachern
5 B 19609-1402 State v. Santos Alcantara Barcenas DA/ Terry McEachern
6 B 19626-1403 State v. Robert Lee Ceniceros DA/ Chris Pollard
7 B 19639-1404 State v. Jesus Manuel Villa DA/ Terry McEachern
8 B 19655-1404 State v. Brenda Ramirez DA/ Terry McEachern
9 B 19679-1406 State v. Qurran Leopold Thomas DA/ Terry McEachern
10 B 19681-1406 State v. Darla Jean Wimberly DA/ Terry McEachern
11 B 19689-1406 & B 19690-1406 State v. Sandy D Clayton DA/ Terry McEachern
12 B 19860-1501 State v. Janie Gloria Arteaga DA/ Terry McEachern

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